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At your service: a team of experienced professionals in international business and France market entry.

Etienne Bognar, Founder of Export-net

> Over 20 years of professional experience in the international export business
"I founded Export-net with a vision: using my accumulated experience in international trade while working with big corporations to help SMEs enter foreign markets."
Etienne has a genuine international educational and professional background. Born and raised in Spain, he went to High School and University in France, worked and studied in the Netherlands for more than 5 years, worked 1 year in the UK, 4 years in Spain and almost 2 years in the US. He holds a BBA (1996) from the E.C.E. (Ecole de Commerce Européenne) in Bordeaux-France majoring in International Business. During his studies he also followed courses in several European universities in the UK, the Netherlands and Spain.
He is perfectly trilingual in French, Spanish and English and has more than 20 years of professional experience in export positions, working for big international organisations such as Cisco Systems, IBM and General Electric, as well as for small local SMEs. He also took part of the Internet bubble in the early two thousands working for technology start-ups.


> Over 20 years of professional experience in SME import/export
"I’ve always collaborated with small and medium sized companies and I know their specific issues on the international market, especially on logistics and administrative questions."
Frédérique has worked for over 20 years in the field of export and import in numerous countries: France, the UK, the Netherlands and Spain. She specialises in clients working in the food industry, raw materials and consumer goods. She has developed a specific expertise in international transport logistics and administrative matters linked to export regulation, especially for the French market.


> Over 10 years of experience in business development
"Identifying the relevant lead, getting in contact through recommendation or direct call, finding the perfect words to convince… that’s what I do best!"
Alexis started his career as an office sales representative for various companies in the computing and manufacturing sector. In the Export-net team, he mainly focuses on all the preliminary groundwork of identifying, getting in contact and following-up with potential future export partners: the basics of a successful business development strategy.


> Trade mission logistics project manager
"Let me organise all the details your next trade-mission in France: transfers, hotel bookings, translations and contact follow-up post-mission. Our clients just have to show up and focus on their business, I take care of all the rest!"
Laurence is a dynamic professional, specialised in the logistics and practical organisation of trade missions for our clients. Our clients like her attention to detail when it comes to planning their business trip in France, from hotel accommodation to ground transportation, without forgetting optimizing distance between business meetings.


> Communication and marketing specialist on the French market
"If you think marketing your brand in your homeland is tough, think again. Promoting your product and service in a foreign country is a whole other story: consumer habits, cultural issues, media usage… taking all this into account and creating the adapted sales and promotion documents for your business is my job!"
Bilingual and bi-cultural French and American, Jennifer has over 15 years of experience in communication and marketing questions related to international trade. More than just translating your online or print sales documents, she will localize your strategy to appeal to the French consumer, either in B2B or B2C. This additional block in your export strategy is an essential step for succeeding on the French market. Don’t underestimate it!

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