Market representation

When starting on an international adventure, few SMEs will decide to recruit an in house export team, dedicated to global sales development. It is however essential to provide international leads and clients with quality information, follow-up and service in their language in order for this global venture to be successful. This is where Export-net can swing into action and act as your export department and local sales office in France.

Through a flexible non-binding contract, Export-net offers SMEs the possibility of having a representation in France with a team of professionals speaking both your language and French. We manage all your export actions from lead generation to cold calling, as well as answering incoming enquiries about the company, a product, price or logistics. Our teams are present to answer questions and act as your local export department for daily customer assistance. Export-net will address contacts in French and through a local phone number. We believe in building long lasting connections with our clients, so that they can generate long-term profitable relationships with their partners and customers.

We offer full flexibility since no binding contract between the two parties will be established. We work with monthly invoicing on an hourly fee and any of the parties can decide to terminate the working relationship at any time.


  • Periodical written reports
  • Periodical conference calls

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