Partner search

Finding the right partners to do business abroad can be a time consuming and expensive task. Export-net works with you to understand your specific needs and selection criteria for a local partner, whether you are searching for an importer, trader, reseller, distributor, franchiser or addressing final customers. After methodically researching with our different sources, we identify a number of companies and draw a list of selected prospective partners that we will submit to your analysis. It always pays to investigate the market thoroughly before signing up to any long-term agreements, especially if you are looking into an exclusive representation agreement.

Getting in contact with the prospective partners comes in a second phase. After working on your sales pitch and preparing all the necessary information (product presentation, price, logistics…), Export-net will start calling the identified leads, pitch them and possibly raise their interest in a potential business match. This first round of calls can either result in the organisation of a trade-mission to help you meet up with the identified potential partners, or in the follow-up exclusively by our teams.


In any case, each company showing interest will be subject to a financial analysis, to make sure we are dealing with stable and healthy organisations.


  • A preliminary report containing the profiles of a long list of potential distributors
  • A intermediary report containing a summary on the used methodology, the profiles of the final candidates to be interviewed.
  • This final report will include developments with each potential contact including quality of contact, potential and recommendations of actions to be taken.

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