Trade missions

Export-net organises custom-made trade missions for SMEs searching for partners on the French market. During your business trip, you will meet-up with highly-qualified contacts interested in your business – thanks to the preliminary ground work and cold-calls made by our teams. A schedule of one-to-one meetings will be prepared ensuring that you make the most of the few days spent in France. Export-net’s solid match-making track record shows a high conversion rate in building long lasting business relationships and increased sales for our clients.

Each business trip is usually organised with 2 or 3 meetings a day in the course of 3 or 4 days. If needed, Export-net can provide on the road assistance to ease your travel to France: pre-meeting briefings, ground transportation, hotel accommodation and translation services during business meetings… We can even come along on your business appointments to help negotiate with the prospective partner.

After a trade-mission, it is important to strike while the iron is hot. While you will usually go back to you daily routine and catch-up with the local business you set aside during your trip abroad, Export-net can manage the follow-up with the contacts made in France, sending out additional information and material requested during the trip. Our teams remain present to answer questions and act as your local export department for daily customer assistance in the weeks and months following the trade mission. Export-net can also become your export-team in France on a long-term basis, acting as your local team through our Market Representation service

Export-net doesn’t just organise meetings and business trips. We remain present throughout the entire sales process making sure you are building a long term and profitable relationship with a customer or partner.


  • An agenda including all contacts and details, distances and time between meetings, local travel arrangements (car rental, train ticket reservations), hotel bookings...
  • If on-the-road assistance was provided: a final report including post-meeting assessments and recommendations of actions to be taken with each contact For post trade-mission follow-up: periodical reports and conference calls

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